Your trusted partners for your geological exploration projects.

MRB & associates has earned an exemplary reputation for its quality of geotechnical and geoscientific services, attention to detail and problem solving abilities. These qualities are reflected by the success of our client's projects.

Management of Drilling Programmes

Drilling: design, spotting, supervision, collar GPS, environmental follow-up.

Logging (utilizing ArcGISTM compatible digital core-description software).

Secure core handling, logistics and storage.

Our team of qualified geological professionals can fully manage your drilling programmes. We  support our clients in their relationship with the communities surrounding the project, and provide support for the required permitting process.


MRB implements quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) protocols for sampling and chemical analysis that meet the highest industry standards. Core logging information is collected in digital format; sample intervals that are selected for analysis are validated before they are integrated into the database.

We highlight the full potential of your mining properties

Increase your chance for drill success with geological data visualization!

Our technical team can generate multi-layer geological maps with base-map information (topography, phsiography, claims, etc.) from digital data integrated into the Geoscience ANALYSTTM software package. In addition, 3D models utilizing multi-discipline geoscience data can be generated and viewed for promotional, as well as interpretive purposes. 


Mineralized Zone and Drill-holes

MRB can prepare an interpreted mineralized-zone “solid”, with oriented drill-hole traces, to help visualize the geometric distribution of mineralized drill-hole intersections.

Satellite Imagery and Mineral Concessions

A satellite image can be draped over the digital terrain model (DTM) to help visualize the physiography of the area. Adding a mineral claim layer helps to show the property topography.

Airborne Magnetic Survey, Magnetic Inversion, Resource Estimates

An example of integrated 2D geophysical data, 3D inversion magnetic data and a Mineral Resource Estimate block model.

Interactive 3D Models

MRB geological team specializes in integrating gelogical data in interactive 3D models with GOCADTM and Geoscience AnalystTM.

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